Introduce the process of manufacturing the MUDGUARD.

Inside the factory

Whole view of Honjo factory Ground Floor.

Raw materials

Aluminum in coil that is the main material of mudguards.

Roll Forming

Shaping is done by using a roll forming machine.

Combine multiple dies to form various kind of shapes.


Cut mudguards to our standard length while a roll forming machine is working.

Please watch the video.

Additional shaping

After cutting mudguards, some models need additional process to form.

Curl Processing


Curing procees is done at the edge of mudguards to prevent people who maintain mudguards from injury and hard to be injury.


Getting rid of burrs at the bottom of mudguards edge.

The part that we do not see when mudguards are installed is finished carefully.

Engraving Work
Enlarged engraving. Proof of our product.

Engraving our logo

It is the proof of our products.

Polishing and inspection

After all processes has done, mudguards are polished and then go through inspection and cleaning. Finally, they are shipped.


Rivetting mounting attachment.

(note: This process is only done when bicycle manufacturers instruct it.)