We have been making bicycle mudguards for over 70 years. During that time, the trend of bicycles has changed very much.

We, HONJO, have been working hard and enthusiastically and will continue this attitude because our goal is to contribute to fun and comfortable bicycle life.

By using special roll forming skills and pressing skills, we are making mudguards for motorbikes and rick shows too.

Our experience, technology and knowledge for the mudguards are also utilised to produce some daily life area products such as capsule toy machine parts and hair dressing device parts.

We hope to keep being creative and challenging to the bright future.

Honjo Koken
Tomoyuki Shimamura

Company History

December, 1949

Matashiro Shimamura established HONJO Mudguards Manufacturing.

January, 1950

HONJO Mudguard Manufacturing started it’s operation.

Start manufacturing and selling metal mudguards for bicycle and children’s tricycle.

December, 1952

Reorganized as HONJO mudguard Co.,Ltd.

Manufacture and sale of metal mudguards for bicycles and children's bicycles.

April, 1960

Certified as a Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) factory.
JIS B9401 (No.7373)

1973 to 1977

“The quick guard system” which can divide rear mudguards into two pieces for cycle touring (Rinko) was a smash hit.

September, 1981

Changed company name to Honjo Koken Co.,Ltd.

May, 1990

Celebrated the 40th anniversary and the completion of the new head office and factory.

December, 2007

End of JIS certification period.


Renewal the logo.

Company information.

Honjo Koken Co., Ltd.


Honjo Shimamura Building, 2-19-10 Yokogawa, Sumida-ku, 130-0003, Tokyo, JAPAN




December, 1949